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Sparkasse New, Historical branch in Belluno

Last night a grand-style inauguration of the new Sparkasse branch in Belluno took place, including a crowd-filled concert from the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento.

And indeed the project is worthy of such celebration, having an important historical building of the XVIth century being brought back to its majesty through an attentive refurbishment by the Architect Armando De Min from the studio Blulinea Project Group.

As consultant of Sparkasse, we applied the new customer experience designed by DINN! to this historical place, obtaining a result that enhanced the characteristic of both the building and the concept.

Another confirmation that an attentive design of the project elements in term of modularity and versatility can allow a concept to be adapted to many different spaces, allowing for scale economies, branding coherence and seamless customer experience.

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