Matteo Lugli

I’m a building engineer and I follow the whole design process from the concept creation to the construction phases. I have a deep experience in the retail world and I know that the most important goal is to reach the top level of performances and design at the same time. For this reason my task is to bend the concept design to all the technical aspects like structural problems, energetic behaviors, lighting design trying to find always the most efficient and innovative solution.

Luca Filiti

I am an architect. Since the beginning of my University studies I've been focused on the developement of tehcnological and constructive issues in order to enhance buildings behaviour, starting from design to executive phases.

Federico Borsetto

I am a building engineer architect and I have always been interested in how things are designed and built. My aim at Built is to follow a project development in all its phases to make ideas come true.
In order to do this I draw together my knowledge of building design and my hands-on experience on construction sites to always deliver the best solutions, keeping in mind technical feasibility, performance and design quality.

Carlotta Passi
Project Designer

I am interior designer in Built. I deal with the technical implementation of the design projects. In my job the interesting thing is that I can turn a project element in an object developed in all its details, so that it can be achieved maintaining the value not only of aesthetic but also of quality.

Elisa Pagani
Financial Officer
Francesco Tettamanti
Luca Perani
Project Manager

Law-school graduate, my interest in corporate law motivated me to pursue a career focused on administrative governance. 

Here in Built, thanks to my determination and my strong legal background, I have the opportunity to bring my skills in a young and dynamic environment, also contributing for all financial aspects regarding the whole management and team.

Throughout my various experience i found that the environment I enjoy the most is the construction site. By tacking day by day problems and opportunities, I enjoy coollaborating with all the stakeholders involved to achieve the best result and preserve the project value. My role at Built is to manage all the phases of construction sites.

Francesca Bocchio
Project Architect

I am  an architect and I am interested in the design process of all kind of things, buildings, public spaces, temporary installations, furniture, lighting and whatever can have a functional and aesthetic value.

In BUILT I deal mainly with the development of the design phase in all its stages, from the schematic design, to the preliminary and to the constructive.


Valentina Frigeni
Project Engineer

Building engineer-architect, my main interest is the union between architecture and technology innovation in order to improve design and construction process.


Following my university career and previous working experiences I developed a deep knowledge in BIM design, brought to BUILT to deliver innovative projects where all information are gathered in a model, that can always be shared and updated.


Investigation, curiosity and a proactive attitude towards the design process are the core of my job


Davide MIlani
Project Assistant
Francesca Bocchio
Alberto Bressan
Project Manager

I have been active in the fields of architecture and construction for many years. With current experience as international design consultant, owner’s representative and construction project manager, I have performed the duties of each of the primary roles of a project—owner, architect and builder. These perspectives, coupled with diversity of project types have developed a critical level of construction knowledge, an intimate understanding of the design processes, and a roundedness that informs each project.


Marilisa Barilli
Project Assistant

Always interested in the world of architecture I decided to undertake this path of study through my degree in architecture of construction. My academic career allowed me to become more passionate about the interaction of the technological, constructive and structural aspects of an architectural project trying to control every one of its aspects.


Since the years of Building Architecture university, I have always been particularly interested in the technical and constructive aspects of all sorts of objects, from individual pieces of furniture to complete buildings. My tasks in BUILT are to turn design and preliminary ideas into real and complex elements, as the best compromises between technology and functionality, and to provide customers with increasingly complete products, also by means of BIM software packages, in line with the new innovative trend of the constructions world.