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SPARKASSE  - The Bank Boutique

New Branches design concept, designed and managed by DINN!

The concept designed for this model bank considers new spaces for the clients and for the consultancy, in order to convey new inputs through a different way of communicating and selling products. The numerous available tools have a mix of physical and digital interaction, letting the clients manage independently their transactions or, at their complete discretion, be guided by staff members.

A strong bond with the background and the local spirit of the bank were the principles that guided materials selection, that, included in the custom furniture with contemporary design, express a functioning relationship between tradition and innovation.

Scope of work
Concept engineering          
Architectural Design     
Mechanical&Electric Design
Project Management
Pilot construction Supervision
Project challenges


Numerous advanced technologies, such as client flow management systems, remote controlled tablets and last-generation lobby ATMs are a substantial part of this concept. In order to insert seamlessly these elements in the conceptual elements, the technical design of furnitures and architectural details was developed to the level of constructive design.
Moreover, life-size prototypes were realized in order to test the most important elements in terms of ergonomics and consultant/client interaction.


BUILT managed internally all the specific technical expertise, including HVAC, Electrical and Special Plant design. This allowed to fully integrate the various technical systems, both aesthetically and functionally, in the space envelope, attaining the promised "boutique" look and feel.

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