Help our clients to build their future

■ Define  and implement a Tailored process to attain client goals within budget and timing constraints​


■ Develop projects through BIM and 3D softwares to ensure efficient design and delivery

■ Streamline project and  contractors management to guarantee confidentiality and maximize control

Manage Projects and Portolios through our modular approach
Plan and manage a tailored process, providing tools and setting targets to rule the project development and rollout
Project Planning & Control

Develop project Charter and  Management Plan

Monitor and verify project proceedings

Allow efficient collaboration between all relevant stakeholders and an effective control of project performances

Project Management

Manage project team and stakeholders and conduct activities

Ensure process efficiency fulfill organization goals within set boundaries

Real Estate Analysis

Ascertain the degree of satisfaction of regulatory and Standard Level Agreements issues

Ensure the long term fulfillment of SLA and brand representation

Rollout Planning&Supevision

Budgeting and scheduling of rollout plan

Perform specific checks to oversee the realization of the concept

Inform the decisions about the rollout plan

Verify concept implementation

Technical development of the concept elements to satisfy budgeting and functionality goals and align the outcome to the expected result
Concept Technical Design

Development of the technical design of the concept custom elements

Avoid iterative work

Ensure an efficient bid process and coherent realization

Standard Selection

Selection of standard elements relevant to the concept

Allow for a reduction of the overall concept cost, and logistic efficiency

Templates & Tools

Development of specific standard templates to manage the whole project rollout

Allow for an efficient control of the process, facilitate purchasing and future facility management

Manuals & Guides

Redaction of manuals for the rollout phase in order to inform all the interested stakeholders

Guarantee a coherent design and outcome avoiding misinterpretations and errors

Make use of BIM and VR technologies to produce a comprehensive technical design, enhancing concept qualities and KPIs fulfillment in each location
Layout Design
Architectural Design
Systems & Specs
Procurement Process

Elaboration of layout designs, based on concept knowledge and real estate, commercial and characteristics of each location

Ensure a successful implementation in terms of service design and investment/value ratio

Drafting of the architectural drawings and documents

Allow for minimum variations on site, quality fulfillment and  avoiding extra costs

Development of all the required specific technical disciplines designs

Avoid deficiencies and guaranteeing required level of comfort and fittings

Management of the procurement process from the drafting of the tender documentation to awarding

Maximaze the efficiency of the bid process  to yeld savings on the client side while ensuring the desired quality

Oversee the process in order to ensure quality, cost & timing goals
Manage the administrative and regulatory standards compliance
Construction Management

Provide pro-active project management services from early stages to handover

Minimize iterative works and deliver the completion of the works within goals

Administrative Permits

Preparation and achievement of all the administrative authorizations

Avoid risks of delays while ensuring conformity

Work Direction

Undertake on-site work direction, addressing day by day issues,

Micromanage critical aspects and perform specific checks

Manage variations, timing and cost control

Ensure a consistent quality level across different interventions

HSE Management

Implementation of a Safety Management System and control of HSE issues through periodical site surveys

Ensure a safe conduction of the works, minimizing risks and safeguarding workers health and safety