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Bank of Georgia

Wealth Management

New Branches design concept, designed and managed by DINN!

A special project in an historical location right in the center of Tsibilisi , to host the Wealth Management branch of Bank of Georgia.

The concept was developed by DINN! in order to create a storytelling bridge between the country and the bank. With an unique customer experience discovering Georgia and the bank offers.

The space and the client experience highlights the cultural traditions and heritage of Georgia, a millenial point of exchange of trades and culture, with a multicultural richness but with a strong national pride and unique, distinctive features.

The design reinterprets the typical materials of this architectural style into modern elements, becoming complementary to the existing elements but allowing for a clear and pleasant conversation between the two.

BUILT developed the technical project and managed the working site in order to deliver the desired outcome respecting and enhancing the historical elements.

Scope of work
Concept engineering         
Architectural Design    
Mechanical&Electric Design Coordination
Project Management
Construction Supervision                               
Project challenges

The building was already originally designed and built as a bank in the 1930s, drawing from the Art Decò style, that can be read in many elements such as the marble ornaments, polychrome glasses, the wrought irons and and the overall decoration of the main hall with its colonnade, frescos and bass-reliefs.

The effort in the technical development of the project was to respect, mantain and highlight these features through different ad hoc solutions, such as:


  • realization of the ground floor meeting room as structurally indipendent elements, in order to not burden on the original structures


  • Installation of all the new plants distribution in the false ceiling of the side rooms, in order to hide them from view while reducing the impact on the existing elements

  • installation of added elements (such as stairs and wall-furniture) as self-sustaining elements reducing the need to intervene on the original materials and fixtures.


meeting big.jpg
meeting sm.jpg

The areas evolving around the main hall were transformed with the creation of different types of spaces, such as singular offices, shared offices with flexible working features and meeting rooms, hosting up to 40 workers.

Adaptive spaces were designed in order to be used in different ways, allowing both to foster the integration between employees and the possibility of focused work.

A particular attention was paid to acoustical and lighting design in order to enhance the workers comfort and efficiency and, on one hand, facilitate the communication betweeen employees and on the other allow for private spaces for concentrated tasks.


Enjoy a video in which Andrea Borsetto, Creative Director of DINN and partner of BUILT, explains the project and its origins during the inauguration.


Lastly, some before/after pictures!

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